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Need for Speed World

This is your chance to become a famous racecar driver! Prove your skill in exciting, action-packed races with many other gamers. Try to earn as much fame and money as you can...
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Need for Speed World Description

This is your chance to become a famous racecar driver! Prove your skill in exciting, action-packed races with many other gamers. Try to earn as much fame and money as you can...


Need for Speed World is the free-to-play online version of the popular Need for Speed pc game series by Electronic Arts. At the beginning of your career in this client-based game, you have three important tasks. First, you need to create your driver. Pick a name and a suitable icon. Both will be displayed during the game whenever you participate in races. Now it is time to buy your first car in the MMO Need for Speed World. You have $25,000 to spend. You will have to pay $20,000 for the car. The rest you can invest in equipment to improve your first racing car.

The main goal in Need for Speed World is to gain reputation points by winning races. Your driver's skills improve as you race through the levels. With each level you get access to more and more features, races, and racing cars. There is a variety of different racing skills. You can improve these skills with the point you earn by winning races and reaching higher levels. You decide how you want to 'invest' your points. It depends on what kind of driver you are and how you want to develop. The best thing you can do is look at the results of the races and determine what went wrong. Analyze your driver's and your car's performance and choose which skills need to be upgraded.

It is also possible to have more than one driver in Need for Speed World. You can swap between them in the Safehouse (your 'operations center'). Playing with several drivers and cars is even more fun. One of the most entertaining aspects of the game is certainly the car tuning part. As a racing fan, you'll probably enjoy the wide range of possibilities to pimp your vehicles most.

by Kyle Hayth

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