Need for Speed World: Version 5 brings exciting new performance customization system

11/15/2010 04:43 am in News

EA, publishers of the swift car racing client game Need for Speed World, will switch off the game servers tomorrow in order to update the game to the new Version 5. This latest version will contain changes to the game as well as new features, namely the unique performance customization system.
Need for Speed World

Need for Speed World

Version 5 will be launched tomorrow, November 16th. The core feature of this new version is the introduction of a performance customization system. This tuning system will allow you to customize your fleet in order to reach new levels of performance. Players can now add individual performance components to the engine, forced induction, transmission, suspension, brakes and the tires. Top speed and acceleration will be improved by adding performance parts to the engine, transmission and forced induction of your car. Handling will be improved by adding performance parts to the suspension, tires and brakes of your car in Need for Speed World.

Need for Speed World is a client-based car racing game published by Electronic Arts (Fifa Online, Lord of Ultima). In the game you have the opportunity to expand and modify a fleet of high-performance cars, which are used to compete in intense high-speed car races. Earn money and fame with each victory, and reinvest your prize money into your slick fleet in the thrilling web game Need for Speed World.

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